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Repurposing Content Doesn’t Mean Copy and Paste

Laura Lentchitsky

By Laura Lentchitsky on March 6, 2020

Repurposing content makes a lot of sense. As content marketers, we spend valuable time researching topics and interviewing thought leaders to create a major asset. So why not repurpose some of your findings and materials to create new pieces?


Seeing is Believing: Skeuomorphism in the Digital Space

Rose Arenas

By Rose Arenas on January 20, 2020

In ancient Greek architecture, small, rectangular blocks resembling “teeth” called dentils were placed beneath the soffit under the roof. Structurally they served no purpose outside of being decorative – so why were they there? It’s speculated that because temples in Greece were originally made of wood that these new buildings made of marble concerned and confused the public. To help people transition to marble structures and to feel safer, these dentils were meant to emulate the ends of wooden rafters so that people would see something in the buildings that looked and felt familiar to what they were used to.


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